Where Kids Learn through Play!

Our premises is monitored by CCTV!

We opened our school to provide superior quality education and care at affordable fees.  Being parents ourselves, we felt the need for a unique daycare which offers more, without parents having to pay more. 

We opened with 4 children and a year later we have moved to a larger premises to accommodate our ever growing number.

We take care of children from birth to age 6 and also offer aftercare services to primary school learners.

What makes us different:

- Our fees are affordable and all inclusive

- We focus on learning through play in a loving and secure environment

- We have longer operating hours

- We never close over school holidays

For a daycare with a difference, contact us.

It is our believe that children should not just be cared for but cared for in a secure environment where they can play and are educated.

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Ons is 'n tweetalige skool - Engels en Afrikaans.

Our Vision is to be a playschool where:

- Kids are able to dream and imagine in order to reach their full potential.

- Kids are treated with love, respect and compassion.

- Superior education is offered.

- Parents have peace of mind about the well being and education of their kids.

Our Mission is:

- To create a fairy-tale world where Kids can dream and imagine in order to reach their full potential.

- To treat Kids with love, respect and compassion and through that teach them to treat others the same way. 

- To structure activities and work in such a way to have them learn through play.

- To offer an affordable service to parents, but still maintain education of high quality.

It is our wish to see each child in our care, to develop and grow into well educated, confident and happy individuals.