The Baby Room: Where the fun starts!

Our Ladybugs!

We are fully equipped to provide superior quality care.  Our baby room is stocked with loads of toys and equipment to ensure that we can provide the best possible care.

Because babies are all individuals, we follow their individual needs, allowing them to drink, eat, sleep, play and grow on their own schedules.  This creates a more homely and natural environment.

We freshly prepare healthy and balanced meals for our babies - Each according to their own level of development.

We know that communication between parents and care givers is extremely important.  Our babies each have their own message book where we record their daily activities in order to ensure that parents are keep up to date with their day.

Our babies spend their days singing, playing games and receives loads of loving interaction.

The main focus for our youngest friends is to care for them in a loving and nurturing environment where they can receive the necessary attention and stimulation to grow and develop and reach their milestones as expected.